Fun with ‘Scratch’

‘Scratch’ is a free piece of programming language software that allows children to use control commands to create their own interactive stories, animations, games, music, and art, and then easily share their creations with others on the web.

I can run  workshops for children or adults. The childrens workshop is suitable for children in KS2 Years 3-6 and any teachers who want an easy and exciting way to deliver the computer science aspect of the Computing Curriculum.

Children need only a basic understanding of using a PC and need no previous knowledge of control technology.
What will we do?

We will explore the tools programming ‘blocks’ in Scratch and create our first simple animations. At the end of the session the children will be able to:

  • Insert and edit a ‘sprite’
  • Make the sprite move and change colour
  • Add a background to the stage
  • Add a sound
  • Make the sprites talk

We will create 2 final projects:
1.The Aquarium 2. Robot Disco

They will have learnt hoe to create a computer program using sequence and repeat.

We can also embed the final project onto our website!
click the green flag to run the animation.