Google Sites

Design a School Google website:
The site will include:

  • a Shared calendar
  • shared newsletter/letters folder
  • a news/blog page
  • a Location map
  • a polices folder.
I can train staff in how to edit and update the site.

Video from 'Under 10 Minutes'

Announcement pages are mini blogs that can be added onto a page
Each news 'post' has its own webpage.
To delete: go to manage site/Pages and delete the post
Click 'include thumbnail of each post in feed'


To add an image at the top of your site:
More/edit site layout
Click on Site Header and select No Logo

Now go to More/manage site/Colours and Fonts
Upload your new Header image in Header background image
Go back to the Edit Header and adjust the header height to the same size as your image

Google Sites

Formatting tables

Insert a table and tweek the html so border =0
Add cellpadding
Insert this code and then insert columns and rows as required before adding images
Adjust the height of each row in the html

<table border="1" bordercolor="#888" cellspacing="0" style="BORDER-TOP-WIDTH:1px;BORDER-LEFT-WIDTH:1px;BORDER-LEFT-COLOR:#888;BORDER-BOTTOM-WIDTH:1px;BORDER-BOTTOM-COLOR:#888;BORDER-TOP-COLOR:#888;BORDER-COLLAPSE:collapse;BORDER-RIGHT-WIDTH:1px;BORDER-RIGHT-COLOR:#555;text-align:center;margin-left:auto;margin-right:auto">